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Storage Furniture

There’s no doubt that life can get a little chaotic at times but rest assured it is possible to live in “organised chaos” with help from the right storage furniture. Inside Story carries a variety of stylish and affordable storage solutions that can serve as practical and functional pieces while simultaneously enhancing the aesthetic of your space. High and low lying units, bookcases and buffets are examples of some of the most multi-purpose and versatile storage furniture pieces available, rendering them essential when styling your home. Give a room character by showcasing statement pieces and meaningful home accessories while hiding those less appealing everyday “bits and bobs”. Whether it is in a living room, bedroom or office space, storage furniture can play a vital role in aiding in the functionality of a room whilst enriching its beauty. 

It is important to integrate Storage furniture into a space with a design purpose as well as a functional one. There is no need to sacrifice elegance to attain the practical benefits that suitable storage furniture can provide. Exposed shelving is faultless when adorned with striking décor or more sentimental pieces such as heirlooms or photography. However, the addition of drawers and cabinets will never go astray, allowing you to keep general necessities at arm’s length without cluttering or compromising the look of the room in which it resides. 

Storage Furniture with a Sense of Style

Inside Story offers a range of storage furniture solutions which are in keeping with our ethos - that storage furniture can be functional while maintaining a sense of style. We pride ourselves on delivering storage options in varying sizes, from slim TV units to large modular systems which can lend themselves to either a contemporary or coastal theme. After browsing through the selection of storage units, we encourage you to call on your inner interior designer and choose a custom finish for your storage purchase. Let us tempt you with our glossy grey lacquer, warm grey oak wood or even opt for a mixture of the two. If you have more of a modern take on your styling, the smooth oak veneer with a frame of blackened steel may be more to your taste. Regardless, the storage choice is yours. 

Explore our Storage Furniture Collection

Whether it’s a decorated sideboard for your entrance, a bookcase for office storage space, console furniture with storage, or an entertainment unit for the living room, furniture storage units shouldn’t be an afterthought when selecting the fittings for your home. Here at Inside Story, we believe that the function of the right storage unit goes beyond housing or displaying your belongings and is capable of being a feature all on its own. We believe buying storage furniture should be seen as an opportunity to express your individuality in your space so that you can flaunt your favourite accessories while concealing less aesthetic essentials. Take a look at our online storage furniture range and be inspired by the bountiful functions that our furniture can serve within your home.