Venetian Blinds

Our Venetian Blinds Range

Venetian blinds are a timeless solution that is versatile enough to work perfectly in any room of the house. Choose from either white aluminum or red cedar wood to match any room. The range of Venetian blinds offered at Inside Story are functional, easy to maintain and elegant. Never have to worry about dirty or faded blinds, with Venetian blinds boasting water-resistant finishes. Venetian blinds are an ideal choice for high humidity rooms like bathrooms and kitchens. You will not have to worry about damaging your blinds in wet areas as they are designed to last. Venetian blinds are easy to clean, just run them over with a damp cloth for a refreshed, and dust-free. 

With changes in style and taste, it can be tricky choosing blinds with design elements that will stand the test of time. They are always in style and are hard-wearing, meaning that investing in Venetian blinds is an excellent choice. Choosing Venetian blinds can help ease the decision of maintaining uniformity in your home, suiting every space. There is no room in your home that will not benefit from Venetian blinds.

Venetian blinds from Inside Story boast contemporary designs that are modern and functional while honouring traditional elements. Admire the elegant headbox and cord wand operation that give you full control over light direction in your space. Traditional curtains provide you with privacy, however, lack the control over light that Venetian blinds offer. 

Use the corded wand to turn the blinds to the angle you need easily. Achieve natural light in your home, without harsh sun streaming through your window. Follow the sun during the day by angling your blinds, then closing them entirely for total privacy. Venetian blinds are an affordable approach to achieving natural light control in the home. 

If you aren’t convinced that Venetian blinds are the right fit for you, pairing them with curtains can soften their look. Consider how Venetian blinds can assist you in updating your space, as well as create an inviting atmosphere. 

Unlike older venetian blind styles, the corded wand is a safe alternative to old pull cords that become frayed and knotted. Cord wands on blinds are a safer alternative to pull cords, keeping your family safe. 

Explore our Venetian Blinds Online Collection

Speak to the team at Inside Story about their range of Venetian blinds. Browse our catalog of Venetian blinds, available in varying sizes and styles. The materials we offer vary from aluminum to Cedar with lustrous finishes of paint, oil, lacquer or stove enameled paint. All finishes are hard-wearing and easy to clean, taking the stress out of keeping your window finishes dust-free. 

Whether you are looking for contemporary, minimal, or classic styling, there is a Venetian blind to suit your home. Peruse our wide Venetian blinds selection online or consult with our staff in-store. Our team of expert staff is here to guide and assist your selection process. They will be able to show you our range of Venetian blind options and help you choose the best for your space.