Custom Design Furniture Is An Expression Of You

You are unique. Your home should be a reflection of your personality, lifestyle and your family. Custom design furniture is the perfect way to capture your essence and bring it to life! Custom design furniture is made by you, for you. Whatever dream or drawing you have, whatever memory or measurement, experience the thrill of total control with the freedom and flexibility of custom design furniture.

Custom design furniture enables you to transform and personalise every room of your home. Whether you are searching for the perfect sofa to enhance a large space or an in-built cabinet for innovative storage, the options are endless and entirely up to you.

Custom design furniture has no rules and no style guideline. It is free expression and a creative journey. Our bespoke furniture service is how we produce custom design furniture and personalised pieces. It is as easy as providing us with drawings, images and measurements of your perfect item of furniture or fitting. Our friendly staff guide you through the process of colour, fabric and material selection. If you can dream it, we can make it.

Custom Design Furniture To Be Proud Of

When you create custom design furniture, it becomes a part of your family. It is not just an item in your home, but instead becomes a story to tell. Custom design furniture is a creation worth sharing and encourages ownership and pride. Stop using furniture as a way to hide away your life, proudly display your life for all to see. Your furniture is just as crucial at telling your story as a family photo.

A large wooden antique cabinet expresses different ideas and beliefs to a sleek concrete bench-top. Search for furniture to express who you are, don't settle for the creations and opinions of others, become your own creator. Custom design furniture is not just an item; it is a tool for you to use to embrace ownership and individuality.

Your home is unique and full of character and quirks. Enhance your home all allow it to find the highest potential with custom design furniture. If you have a small or cramped room, custom design furniture can help you find space and flow. Similarly, large and open rooms can feel too empty if standard furniture occupies the space. Custom design furniture is the tool you need to enhance and uplift your home and appropriately adorn your interior. 

Begin Your Custom Design Furniture Journey

When you begin your journey to building a custom home and custom design furniture, it is best first to find inspiration. At Inside Story, we have over 25 years of industry experience and have carefully curated an online catalogue for your exploration and inspiration. We recommend browsing our furniture and custom design furniture collection to gather an understanding of our methods and previous jobs. 

Custom design furniture is the ultimate in personalisation and sophistication. We are so excited to work with you to create custom designs, furniture and fittings for your dream home.

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