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Discover freedom and flexibility with our bespoke joinery service. Joinery is the skill of building and creating elements and items that attach directly to a room or space. Our skilled artisans and tradespeople have experience with a variety of unique projects that suit any style, house or measurement.

At Inside Story, we understand the importance of customisation and character. We offer an extensive selection of materials, colours and finishings for you to choose. We also offer motorised and automatic fittings, such as height-adjustable desks to make sure your activities are ergonomic and comfortable. Our bespoke joinery service is the perfect way to create unique features that uplift your home and suit your lifestyle.

Custom Joinery is the Perfect Combination of Style and Practicality

A beautiful home is calming to look at, but a functional home is what provides us with joy and comfort. Custom joinery is the perfect combination of style and practicality. Curate your lifestyle and living space without compromising on elegance or activities. If you have an accumulation of shoes at your front door, a sleek shoe rack directly on the wall is a discrete way to stay organised. If you work from home and need extra storage space, a height-adjustable desk and custom shelving is an ideal addition. Joinery gives you the power to decide where to place items in your home consciously. Intentional living and design can transform everyday living to everyday enjoyment.

Do you have a small room or apartment that needs more storage? Joinery is the perfect solution and is particularly useful when space is in short supply. A built-in shelf is a fantastic way to create storage without losing floor space. A bedroom can easily be turned into an office with the innovative combination of desk, shelves and wardrobe. Any room can be transformed to suit your workflow and lifestyle.

Custom joinery is skillfully handcrafted and installed to stand the test of time. Unlike mass-produced furniture, handmade items are more durable and reliable. You won’t have to worry about unstable shelves or furniture getting knocked around. Custom joinery becomes a part of your home, not an item in your home. Instead of taking up space, joinery gives space back to you. Enjoy the freedom and flow that adding custom items and joinery to your home can bring.

The Inside Story Joinery Team

We highly recommend perusing our online catalogue if you are considering having custom joinery installed. Browsing through our previous projects is a great way to gather inspiration and observe the quality of our work. You will see that our joinery service caters for all types of items, rooms and purposes. Whether your project is straightforward or challenging, our artisans and tradespeople have the experience to make your dreams a reality. Our friendly staff are available to you should you have any questions about the joinery process. Once you provide us with details and measurements of your project, we can advise of the costs and timeframe involved. We hope you enjoy browsing our online joinery portfolio and can’t wait to discuss your project in more detail.

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