Weave Rug - Andes - Feather$850

One of our most popular rugs, Andes is a hand-woven textured floor rug featuring a ribbed design — the range bringing a coastal vibe with beautiful visual interest. Andes Rug in Feather is soft and simultaneously warm with cool grey tones. Made from 50% Wool and 50% Cotton, Andes uses chunky spun wool yarn and warp threads in cotton to tie down the chunky woollen yarn. Finished with full cotton backing and edging for improved longevity and wear, the rug's strength and stability makes it best suited for general living areas, such as bedrooms and sitting rooms.

Brand: Weave
Product Code: 6914476703944
Piece Name: Rug
Material: 50% Wool and 50% Cotton
Pattern: ribbed design with braided edge
Texture: Hand-woven, chunky spun wool yarn with cotton.

Stock Status: available, allow between 2-14 weeks

SKU: 6914476703944 + Size 2m x 3m

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