Standard Pleated & Cellular Blinds

Verosol’s Standard Pleated & Cellular Blinds combine the soft appeal of a curtain with the versatility and simplicity of a blind. The ideal solution for heat and light control and the blind almost disappears when raised. Simple and elegant, with a small stack height and short projection, giving you an uninterrupted view from your home or office window. Pleated Blinds with Guide Wires are a great idea when installing blinds on internal doors, as well as an ideal solution for boats and motor homes. Verosol offers a cordless pleated & cellular blinds, which can be operated by a remote. In addition to the standard, pleated blinds are available in an array of different shapes and configurations in order to accommodate even the most obscure window.

Brand: Verosol
Product Code: P200.0/P200.1/P200.5/P200.6
Operation: Cord Operated/Profile Operated/24V DC Motorised Operation/240V AC Motorised Operation


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