Luxury Bespoke Furnishings by Inside Story

Inside Story is a luxury homewares and home furnishings label backed by professional interior designers with decades of experience in interior home styling. Passionate about helping clients achieve their ultimate home vision, Inside Story offers an online catalogue with a vast selection of contemporary homewares.

Every space is different, and every client has unique tastes and preferences. When shopping through a specially curated collection does not quite meet all your requirements, Inside Story’s bespoke furnishings service may be the right choice for your ultimate home styling. 

Whether to fit large or custom-shaped spaces in the home or achieve a vision not found elsewhere, Inside Story’s bespoke furnishings offer total home design customisation. Our team of expert designers will guide each client through the design process, allowing for complete control over each element in the design, while offering professional input into luxurious interior home styling factors. 

Total Home Customisation Through Bespoke Furnishings

Creating the home design you’ve been seeking, in each home space, is possible through Inside Story’s bespoke furnishings service. 

Workmanship on each piece is of the highest quality, hand-designed and crafted by a team of Inside Story artists — all highly skilled and passionate about their bespoke furnishings craft. 

Inside Story’s artisans are experienced across bespoke furnishings, furniture making, upholstery, timber refinishing, sewing, and much more. With a portfolio of in-house experience across all aspects, total furnishing customisation can be achieved. 

Designer Bespoke Furnishings to Last a Lifetime

Inside Story’s bespoke furnishings service begins with an initial consultation. Upon commencement of your bespoke project, clients can provide existing photos of inspiration for the design, along with a description of the piece they are seeking and dimensions for the space. 

Each piece of bespoke furnishing is crafted to last for years to come, using only the highest quality of durable materials and the finest of craftsmanship. As a luxury investment piece for the home, you can be sure that each bespoke furnishing piece is designed and crafted by Inside Story can be proudly displayed in your home for decades. 

The Inside Story team will be thrilled to take on all kinds of bespoke furnishing challenges — we believe nothing is impossible, and our team can’t wait to bring your design vision to life.

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