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Chaise Collection by Inside Story

Chaise lounges take a sophisticated approach to creating a harmonious space in your home. In crescent, cloud, avalon or arc-shaped silhouettes, a chaise is an effortless way to add dimension to your lounge. From contemporary chaise pieces featuring elegant minimalistic designs to exquisite comfort options featuring understated charm, our range of chaises is diverse and overflowing with style. 

Our selection of chaises aligns with the entire Inside Story online collection, featuring luxury, comfort, durability and functionality. From sleek, angular aesthetics to classic features and unmistakable style, our chaise lounges deliver charisma and charm to your home. Whether you opt for honed edges or soft lines, there is something for everyone. Chaises can be a focal point of smaller spaces or complement a larger suite of lounges, tables and accessories. More importantly, chaises offer a comfortable and practical solution when you find yourself hosting guests. Relax knowing your guests are feeling 100% comfortable on your beautiful chaise. 

A Chaise with Style 

Are you looking for a contemporary chaise design? Or does your space call for classic elegance? At Inside Story, we understand home décor, and a chaise from our collection helps achieve the perfect interior finish. Are you looking to add a new level of appeal to your lounge space with the addition of a chaise? Or, are you looking for a chaise as a part of a furniture overhaul? Whatever your purpose, our collection promises to deliver. 

Chaises offer stylish alternatives to conventional household lounge furniture. Chaises add a touch of distinctiveness, bound to be the focal point of conversation. Subtle or bold in design, all will love your new lounge accessory. Chaise selection deserves as much attention and consideration as any other piece in your home. While chaises are an item that should be thought about carefully, they're also one that will be a loving piece of your lounge long term. Our clients know that when they purchase an Inside Story chaise, it's one that will last for many years to come.  

Inside Story chaise offers diverse options, allowing you to choose from high or low back, ultra-comfort, or sleek design. The premium chaise fabrics and materials used in the construction of each piece are of high quality, finished with comprehensive stitching to ensure durability. In fact, our entire chaise selection is created with careful consideration given to sturdiness, functionality, and aesthetics. 

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Explore our Chaise Collection 

Designed with integrity, chaises from Inside Story are made with precision by talented upholsterers. This quality chaise promise is peace of mind that every chaise piece is made to the highest standard. All that's left for you to do is pick the right one for your home. You will notice how easy it is to find chaise styles in our online catalog that complement each other. However, when you need some extra chaise guidance, our experienced staff is ready to draw on their extensive knowledge to help you make the right decorating choices.