Lighting Consultations

There are so many varieties of lighting; it’s often difficult to know where to begin. Fortunately, Inside Story offers lighting consultations which help take the stress out of any overwhelming decision. With the large number of different designs, finishes, textures and bulbs, lighting consultations are a great way to receive advice from professionals at Inside Story. 

Our lighting consultations are complimentary, and we listen carefully to the needs and requirements of you and your family to ensure your decision is the right one. The lighting Consultations team at Inside Story will get to know your property, or the building you’re furnishing, and select a choice of lights which you can then choose from. 

The Lighting Consultations Experience

We are patient and considered, and our expertise is unparalleled. Having a variety of different lights makes deciding on your lighting seamless. In fact, our lighting consultations make the process not only seamless but enjoyable and an experience you will not forget.

It is important to consider both the functional requirements and the style of the lights in your home and lighting consultations can ensure you achieve both. The team at Inside Story can steer you towards lights that will fulfil your every need. Lighting consultations are essential as they allow you to sit down with an experienced home décor and furnishing professional and discuss options. 

Not only will you be presented with several options, you will be taken through each one to understand its benefits. When selecting the lights for your home, there are often lights that are supplied by the builder and decorative lights which are chosen by homeowners. Here at Inside Story, we believe it is important to consider all lighting options together to ensure a cohesive flow in your home. 

Lighting consultations can be a vital part of the process so that we can help you decide on the best combination of lights for your space. Not only will you have a wonderfully lit home, you will have one that looks good, and you will be proud to show off to friends, family and all those that come to visit.

Free Lighting Consultations Booking

During our lighting consultations, we consider the main activity the area in which you are choosing lights for is being used. This can determine the lighting type, colour temperature and level of brightness best suited for the rooms. We can help find light sources that can highlight areas you wish to serve as focal points while layering lighting to create depth in other areas. 

Our objective is to cast your home in its best possible light. Lighting consultations can assist in deciding which lighting options will be most complementary to the existing colour palette, furniture and interior design of your home. From bedspreads to vases to downlights in the kitchen, there are many things to consider that lighting consultations can assist with. Lighting consultations can be easily arranged by contacting us at our showroom via telephone or email. Our team is committed to finding you the best possible lighting solutions.

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