Custom furniture –unlimited possibilities, unmatched quality

In a marketplace of seemingly unlimited choices of style and quality, it sometimes feels like you still need to compromise and adapt to the available offerings. This is where the true luxury of custom furniture is revealed.

When you combine the quality materials of your selection in collaboration with your ergonomic specifications, there is no comparison to custom furniture and the genuine long-lasting value it offers. 

Producing custom furniture enables us to use the full suite of our artisan skills.

Access decades of experience and passion for custom furniture design

Our reputation in the region has stood the test of time with over 25 years of high-quality production. We continue to engage with the evolving bespoke design landscape that our sophisticated client base requests. Our business model is unique in the region, working with the full scope of skills required to bring your custom furniture to reality. Quality upholstery, whether on a custom piece or reviving a much-loved family heirloom, is a worthwhile investment and will reward you with years of beauty and robust utility.

Collaborate with our team of creative experts and craftsmen

Our in-house team consists of designers, cabinetmakers, upholsterers, and machinists working on 

custom furniture at our onsite workshop. From the initial design consultation through to our ability to oversee every part of the manufacturing process, you are investing in locally made, built to last, quality furniture. When you work with our team, you can expect nothing less than unmatched quality, exquisite craftsmanship, and outstanding customer service. Our custom furniture is unique in style and design, and a true reflection of your vision for unique, custom furniture pieces made perfectly for your home.

We would love to assist you with your next project, so contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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