Fabric and Wallpaper

Deluxe Wallpaper and Fabric Collections for the Home

Inside Story, a premium home furnishings and decor brand backed by professional interior designers is proud to offer one-stop-shop solutions for the whole home. With an extensive online range of luxury homewares, Inside Story offers everything from large furniture, to small pieces, and all the decor in between — including premium wallpaper and fabric collections for each room.

While furniture is often looked to as the heart of interior design, the backdrop for your interior styling plays a much larger part. Decisions on wall colour and coverings can enhance an interior style tremendously, taking it from average run of the mill styling to front-page-worthy, luxurious interior design.

Wallpaper and fabric collections are an area of interior styling that can make home design genuinely shine. Inside Story offers vast wallpaper and fabric collections, so each household can choose patterns and colours that speak to their style and individuality. 

For a contemporary industrial look, choose subtle patterns in deep, dark tones. Light up a room with an accent wall in a bright, colourful pattern, or create an atmosphere of dreamy romance with muted and soft tones. Place on an accent wall, half-wall, or on all four walls of a room to customise each look.

Mix and match Inside Story’s wallpaper collections with our extensive collection of home furnishings and decor for unforgettable professional-level interior design. With a beautiful, contemporary selection of furniture, homewares, and wall coverings for each room, bringing your favourite interior design vision to life is seamless. 

Explore our Wallpaper and Fabric for the Home Collections

Inside Story is proud to offer a vast range of wallpaper and fabrics, in a stunning range of innovative colours and patterns, crafted by leading designers from around the world.

Featuring collections by Cole and Sons, Christian Lacroix, Ralph Lauren, Morris and Co, Mulberry, Nina Campbell, Villa Nova, and many more, there is something for everyone within our premium wallpaper and fabric collections. 

As wallpaper and fabric coverings become increasingly common in homes, there has never been a better time to find your perfect style for each room. Create accent walls, liven up a nook, dress up an office area, or implement wall to wall coverings for dreamy design based on your personalised interior design vision.

Choose a delicate damask or floral design for a soft, romantic feel. Use muted or pastel colours to create a calming atmosphere. For visually interesting natural texture, use an innovative design like faux-stucco. For bold, contemporary feature walls, choose geometric patterns in dark colours with high gloss or metallic accents. With Inside Story’s large wallpaper and fabric collections to choose from, the interior styling possibilities are endless. 

Browse through our online catalogue includes our designer wallpaper and fabric collections, for easy professional-level home design. Alternatively, visit our showroom to see our beautiful contemporary designs in action. 

If you need further assistance in selecting the best wallpaper or fabric for your home, plus advice on which walls in the home provide the greatest potential for wallpaper design, Inside Story’s team of interior design professionals is available to assist. 

Contact the Inside Story team for one on one assistance with deluxe interior styling. Our experienced interior designers will take great care to understand your vision for perfect home design and bring it to life in the most luxurious way while maximising the design potential of each space. It’s the easiest way to achieve the premium home design you’ve been waiting for.

Once you’ve found the perfect wall coverings from our designer wallpaper and fabrics collection, browse through the Inside Story furnishings and home decor selection to complete each space. From beautifully upholstered bed frames, to statement occasional chairs, and from sleek office desks to the perfect dining room pieces, our home furnishings catalogue provides well-crafted contemporary homewares for each space.

At Inside Story, we’re proud to provide end-to-end interior design furnishings and decor, all in one place. It has never been easier to create the interior home styling of your dreams.