Weave Rug - Travertine - Buff$1,250

Beautiful and soft in nature, Travertine is a must-have rug that looks stunning in any space. Perfect for a modern interior, Travertine in Buff is a warm, neutral rug with a sophisticated aesthetic. With its 90% Viscose and 10% Wool construct, the weave creates a marbled textured appearance that is undoubtedly the perfect place to sink your feet into after a long day.With its natural fibres, Travertine is ideal for refined interiors. This rug is comforting in texture, and suited to low-traffic spaces, such as bedrooms.

Brand: Weave
Product Code: 6914477097160
Piece Name: Rug
Material: 90% Viscose and 10% Wool
Suitable for: low-traffic areas, especially bedrooms
Pattern: subtle ribbed design
Texture: Loom-knotted by hand

Stock Status: unavailable

SKU: 6914477097160 + Size 2m x 3m

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