Weave Rug - Almonte - Oyster

The Almonte rug is super thick, soft, and luxurious. It features a sophisticated hand woven loom knotted design with a lustrous patina, and is best suited to low-traffic areas, such as bedrooms. Almonte Oyster is sometimes brown, sometimes grey — a sophisticated and topical shade. Both light and inviting in neutral spaces, this subtle grey rug will help shape a room, as well as hold it together. Made from 70% Bamboo Silk and 30% Wool, Almonte features a full woven cotton backing and braided cotton edging for improved longevity and wear.

Brand: Weave
Product Code: 6914477129928
Piece Name: Rug
Material: 70% Bamboo Silk and 30% Wool
Suitable for: bedrooms and low-traffic areas
Pattern: loom-knotted design
Texture: Hand-woven

Stock Status: available, allow between 2-14 weeks

SKU: 6914477129928 + Size 1.6m x 2.3m

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