Framed Pleated & Cellular Blind

Verosol’s Framed Pleated & Cellular Blinds combines the versatility of a standard pleat and easy installation. The ideal solution for heat and light control, and the blind almost disappears when raised. Simple and elegant with a small stack height and short projection, giving you an uninterrupted view from your home or office window. Framed pleated & cellular blinds are perfect for use on tilt + turn windows or applications that require no drilling as well as an ideal solution for boats and motor homes.

Brand: Verosol
Product Code: P217.0/P218.0/P219.0
Operation: Framed Pleated & Cellular Blind – Hand Operated/P218.0 Framed Duo Pleated & Cellular Blind – Hand Operated/Framed Twin Pleated & Cellular Blind – Hand Operated


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