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Our Brightgreen Energy Efficient Exterior Lights Range 

Our range of Brightgreen energy-efficient exterior lights offer superior lighting solutions where innovation meets functionality and minimalistic design.

Featuring Tru-colour light quality, the energy-efficient exterior lights from Brightgreen are a robust option. Brightgreen designed these exterior lights to take on the most unforgiving weather conditions. The energy-efficient LED globe is safely housed within a marine-grade, rust-resistant, fire-tested and waterproof casing. Functionality is not lost on the durable materials of these energy-efficient exterior lights. With adjustable, multi-gimballed beams, you can light up more than one space at a time.

Though the  energy-efficient exterior lights are low voltage, these Brightgreen energy-efficient exterior lights project a powerful beam with a selection of colours available with the RGB food lights. When it comes to aesthetics, the minimalist design elements and sleek finishes create a sophisticated look for your outdoor space.

Our selection of exterior lighting caters to an extensive range of styles and design preferences. From cosy outdoor spaces at home to high-end galleries and restaurants, the Brightgreen range of exterior lights delivers elegance and reliability every time.

When it comes to selecting decor, materials, lighting and furniture, minimising your environmental footprint is always the right thing to do. We’ve made the choice easy by offering an extensive range from Brightgreen. When deciding on our lighting catalogue, we needed to find the best energy-efficient exterior lights, and the selection from Brightgreen does not disappoint.

LED lights are renowned for needing less maintenance, and replacements are required less often, meaning that you save money and reduce waste over the lifetime of your energy-efficient exterior lights. 

The Brightgreen energy-efficient exterior lights collection comes in a wide range of designs to suit any outdoor space. Recessed LED wall and in-ground lights are the perfect choice for a seamless finish. They are discreet while delivering impressive illumination. The surface-mounted designs project the same powerful light beams, unmistakable sophisticated aesthetic and they are available as floor lights, walls lights and downlights.

Your options are endless with the Brightgreen range of energy-efficient exterior lights. Your outdoor space will never feel boring or lack-lustre again. Create reliable illumination along a pathway with discreet recessed in-ground lights or let the lights create a feature of themselves with the modern design of the surface-mounted versions. Achieve a moody ambience with the recessed and surface-mounted wall lights and downlights that add a final touch of polished elegance to your outdoor space.

Explore our Brightgreen Energy Efficient Exterior Lights Collection 

Whether you are looking for energy-efficient exterior lights in the form of strips, pendants, downlights, wall or floor lights, our team at Inside Story have carefully selected the very best from the Brightgreen range. Discover the next level in lighting solutions among our online range. If you are looking for an expert opinion on the best lighting for your space, contact our team to discuss your project, and we will help bring your vision to life.