Conservatory Pleated Blind - Wand Operated

Verosol’s Conservatory Pleated Blind – Wand Operated is truly a unique blind. Designed for conservatories and/or skylight windows on inclined windows. Not only is the Conservatory Pleated Blind kept in position by Guide Wires, but it’s specifically designed tension wires mean that the blind can be positioned at any degree of opening, without falling down. For ease of operation, Wand Operation is used for windows out of reach. Choose from one of Verosol’s metal backed fabrics and this pleated blind will help control heat and glare in summer and reduce heat loss in winter. Verosol offers a motorised skylight pleated blind which can be operated by a remote

Brand: Verosol
Product Code: P204.1
Operation: Conservatory Blind – Wand Profile Operated


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