T1 Single Bathroom Wall Light$380

Inspired by classic tube lamps, the T1 Single Bathroom Wall Light is embedded with a CRI 90 LED light source. Protection level is up to IP44 which can be used in zone 2 of bathrooms. Both decoratative and functional, the T1 bathroom fixture is ideal for contemporary spaces. Available in a variety of colours and finishes.

Designer: Ting Ting Chang
Country: Taiwan
Finishes: White, Black, Brass, Copper, Chrome
Materials: Aluminium, Glass
SKU: SE A/T1/W1/44
IP Rating: IP44
Colour Temp: 3000K
Source: LED (built-in)
Wattage: 5W
Output: 451lm
CRI: 90
Dimming: No
Warranty: 2yr commercial / 3yr residential. Replacement

Product tags: tube wall light

Stock Status: available, allow between 2-14 weeks

SKU: SE A/T1/W1/44/BK

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