Lighting Consultation Service

Selecting lighting that suits both your style and functional requirements can be over whelming. The consultation service we offer is focused on making this process easy for you.

Lighting is often split into two categories, lights the builder is supplying and decorative feature lights that a client might source. We believe that all categories of lighting should be combined and considered collectively as an important part of the design of any home or space.

The process can be started by considering the main activity that each area will be used for. This will help with the selection of the brightness (lux level), colour temperature and lighting type for each area. Once this first step is complete we can start to consider how we add depth to spaces by layering the lighting and also highlighting design features.

There are many different styles of lighting available; selecting something that compliments your interior is the fun part. We consider your colour palette, joinery details, furniture and importantly the architectural style of your interior before making any recommendations.

Please contact us to book in a consultation or to request details of the costs involved.