Window Consultations

Selecting window treatments that suit both your style and functional requirements can be over whelming. The consultation service we offer is focused on making this process easy for you...

Window treatments can be split in two groups:

  • Functional products that achieve the desired levels of light control and insulation, but have reduced flexibility in fabric selections.
  • Decorative products that offer endless flexibility, allowing products to be customised to your requirements.

During the consultation process we like to discuss your requirements with regard to light control and insulation. In addition to this it is important for us understand how you will use the relevant rooms and also the ambience you would like to achieve in each. This will assist us in recommending the best solution for your project.

During the site visit we will happily discuss and make recommendations as to suitability of different products and also offer any relevant technical advice. The technical advice is most often in relation to motorisation, pelmets, bulkheads, product placement, and control systems.

Following the site visit, you consultant will prepare and send you and itemised quote. They will then contact you to book a follow up appointment in our showroom. The purpose of this appointment is to review the included fabrics and other products in the quote. Your consultant will often have some revised options and new recommendations that they have come up following the site visit.

The cost of the window consultation is $150. We request that this payment is made at the time of the booking. The amount of $150 is rebated against any order placed over the amount of $1000.

Please contact us to book in a consultation.