Silent GLiss 5400 Motorised Track


Exceptionally quiet motor (<45dba; 30cm).
Motorised curtain track system for contract as well as residential use.
Strong elegant appearance.
Option of integrated radio receiver in combination with new Silent Gliss radio remote control system 9940.
Various other operation methods available. See motors/controls overview chart and the specific motor variations section.
The maximum size of the system depends on fabric weight and application. Straight applications with single or double stack can go up to a max. width of 10m. The max. curtain weight is 44kg.
Stacking: single, pair and multiple stacks. For symmetric applications.
Easy ceiling or wall fix. Recess fixing possible. The motors can also be mounted above the profile.
The minimum bending radius is 25cm.
Standard colours: anodised aluminium or white.
Custom paint colours on application
Can be used with Wave Standard and Wave XL curtain heading system.


See product information image.