Silent Gliss 5200 Motorised Track


Motorised curtain track system for contract as well as residential use.
Strong elegant appearance.
Applicable for single, pair and multiple stackings of curtains (symmetrical splits only).
All regular curtain heading systems as well as Wave and Wave XL options apply with Silent Gliss 5200. For maximum curtain weights refer to seperate load charts.
The standard system is powered by an effective 24 V DC motor in an elegant design (Type 9040 or 9041).
Motor Silent Gliss 9041 (with intergrated radio receiver) can be combined with Radio Remote Control System Silent Gliss 9940.
Various motors can be operated simultaneously without relay (also refer to the numerous operating methods availabe).
Horizontal, straight and curved (min. radius = 25 cm) applications are possible.
The max. system width is 10 m.
Each system will be delivery ready to measure, fully assembled.
It can be also equipped with the unique manual override feature.
Mature, proven installation methods to ceiling or wall are available: Also elegant recess fix with special recess profile is possible. The motor can also be mounted above the profile (suspended ceilings).
Standard colors of profiles: white powder coated or aluminium clear anodised.


See product information image.