Silent Gliss 5090 Motorised Track


Motorised curtain track system for contract as well as residential use.
Excellent security device when homes are unoccupied.
Applicable for light and medium weight curtains, 1×1 and 1×2 applications.
Silent Gliss 5090 is comprised of the Motor Set 5091 (24 V) including power unit and switch. Automatic end-of-travel stop.
The System is expandable with two operating options, Infrared Set IR 5093 and / or Timer Set TL 5092.
The optional Infrared Set IR 5093 provides a remote control handset and IR sensor.
The optional Timer Set TL 5092 allows programming of opening and closing times of curtains and incorporates an overriding switch. It may also be set to operate on a Dawn & Dusk basis with daylight level. Alternatively it can open with the sensor and close on with the timer and vice versa. Switches incorporated into the timer allow curtains to be stopped at any point.
All regular curtain heading systems as well as Wave and Wave XL option apply with Silent Gliss 5090.
Applicable with Manual Override for straight applications.
Maximum system width is 5 m.
The system can be bent horizontally with a minimum bending radius of 25 cm.
Easy ceiling or wall fitting.
Each system will be supplied fully assembled, made-to-measure.


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