Luxy is a “classic” lamp: it was designed as the evolution of technical lamps with pivoted arms. The movement is made possible thanks to a mechanism that uses twisted springs, and which is located in the joints of the forks; it is therefore invisible. The use of a glass diffuser coated with colour paint gives both direct and diffused light, with various warm and elegant hues of colours. The interior of the glass is sanded, and finished with two coatings of paint to obtain diffused light, and white for a direct light.


Style: N/A Supplier:v ROTALIANA Colours: BLACK, BLACK + CHROME, SILVER, SILVER + CHROME, WHITE, WHITE + CHROME Shades: BRIGHT WHITE, ETCHED WHITE, METALIZED, RED, YELLOW, BLUE, BLACK, GREEN Globe: 1 x e14 42w halogen or 1 x e14 40w incandescent or 1 x e14 7w fluroescent Dimensions: Luxy T1:w190mm x h460mm Luxy T2:w204mm x h800mm Luxy T3:w20mm x h460mm Luxy T4:w20mm x h800mm Country: Italy