BR450 Retrofit


The BR450 Retrofit bulb combines efficacy with elegance in a modern, energy efficient interpretation of the traditional candle bulb — give new life to old light fittings.

Projecting a smooth, 400-lumen beam, the BR450 gives 59lm/W, easily surpassing outmoded technology — with standard CFL alternatives giving just 43 and incandescent 10 lumens per watt.

The linear aluminium body and conical lens of this candle bulb is designed to emit an omni-direct 180° beam, providing maximum illumination on less power. Available in B15 and B22 bayonet fittings and E14 and E27 screw fittings.


Wattage: 7. Lumen output: 414lm. 3 year warranty. Designed in Australia.