Bamboo Basket


The Baskets of Knowledge are based on a Māori creation myth in which the gods gave humans three baskets containing the knowledge they needed to live on Earth. They hold the knowledge of the natural world (Kete Aronui: bamboo basket), the spiritual world (Kete Tuatea: polycarbonate basket) and our rational world (Kete Tuauri: aluminium basket).

David believes that these three need to be in balance for us to live harmoniously on Earth. The light has a standard E27 (E26 USA) fitting so any LED bulb can be used to suit the lighting requirements.


Supplier: DAVID TRUBRIDGE. Material: polycarbonate with nylon clips, or aluminium and anodised silver with aluminium clips, or bamboo plywood and hand-frosted plastic with nylon clips. Dimensions: 800mm W, 2000mm H. Country: New Zealand.