2900 Crank Operated Vertical


Mono controlled crank operated vertical blind system for residential and contract applications. Purpose-designed for curved and sloping (up to 53°) installations. Standard colours: anodised aluminium or white powder coated. Applicable for single, double or multiple solutions as well as symmetrical or assymetrical stacking. One robust detachable operating handle (left or right) is used to both open and close and to tilt the louvres. Easy snapping in and off of the louvres. Available louvre widths are 89 mm and 127 mm. Can be safely used with heavy louvres (such as PVC or aluminium) up to max. 600 g per louvre. Automatic override to protect rotation elements. Stack sizes: see special checklist. Maximum dimension of system is up to 6 m length. A ceiling fix is recommended, but the system can also be wall fixed with the corresponding extension brackets. Fitting to all kinds of surfaces/ceilings. Recess fixing possible (not bendable in that case). Delivered ready assembled. Large and attractive fabric offer for louvres. Also available with Vertical Wave louvres (Design by Eva Marmbrandt), not for sloping applications.


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