2600 Panel Fold


Unique panel glide system that allows folding of panels. Stunning effects through 3-D shape. Mono-control bead chain operation. Folding an unfolding as well as open-close traverse with one action. Maximal system width: 3.24m. Maximal system drop: 3m. One system can carry up to 5 panels. Maximum weight of panels including bottom weight: 950 gr. Depending of the total system width, panels can be selected in three different size ranges: SMALL (40-57cm), MEDIUM (49-66cm), LARGE (53-72cm). The system is bendable but only with a very large radius of 15m. Standard profile colours: white and aluminum anodized. Especially suitable for light sheer fabrics. Comfortable removal of fabrics for cleaning thanks to easy click-in hangers and Velcro tape. Ceiling or wall fix with easy click-in brackets. Symmetrical and asymmetrical stacking possible.


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