There are many ways to approach interior design. We measure our success by the satisfaction of our clients. This places emphasis on the importance of understanding the expectations and preferences of our clients. The initial consultation is an integral part of this process.

During the initial consultation which can be done in the showroom or on site, the designer will gather personal information relating to how the space will be used. Who will use the space, at what time of the day, and for what purpose will have a bearing on the decisions a designer will make to achieve the best outcome.

The benefits of employing an interior designer increase significantly the sooner they are involved in a project. Early involvement allows for the integration of important elements including lighting, views, ceiling heights, joinery and furniture. The thoughtful combination of which will help to maximise the impact of the completed space.

Inside Story specialises in fabrics, furniture, wallpaper and window treatments. The range of products in these categories is very extensive. The costs of these products vary greatly also, so the guidance of a good designer can often keep you on budget, whilst still achieving the desired look. This is a very enjoyable part of the process for us, we love fabrics.

We would be very happy to discuss any design work you might require help with.

Please contact us to book in a consultation or to request further information.